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What to Expect 

  • Arrive for your appointment on time. Arriving late shortens your treatment.


  • First-time patients, please print and fill out all four forms on the Paperwork page or arrive 20-to-30 minutes early to fill out paperwork.


  • Wear loose-fitting clothing with pant legs and sleeves that can be easily rolled up and a shirt with a loose neck.


  • Be well-hydrated and have a snack before the treatment.


  • We refuse treatment to anyone who has been drinking or who is under the influence of drugs.


  • Please turn off all electronic devices BEFORE entering the clinic. Treatment time is a time for healing and serenity.


A typical appointment begins with an interview to review the patient's health history. The pulse will be palpated and the tongue observed. Next, the acupuncturist will choose a treatment plan. During the treatment, very fine solid stainless steel needles are inserted into the acupoints and left in for approximately 30-45 minutes while you relax. It is common to feel a heavy, dull, aching, or tingling sensation at the needle insertion site. This is your body getting Qi. 



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