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A peacock feather


"The Serpent and The Wave: A Guide To Movement Meditation"

by Jalaya Bonheim
     *Especially for women--excellent for toning the middle as well as moving stagnant Liver Qi and Blood.

"Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide To Chinese Medicine"
by Harriet Beinfield and Efram Korngold

"Healing With Whole Foods"
by Paul Pitchford

Ancient clay human figurine with acupoints plotted on the acupuncture channels


​​"A.M. Yoga For Your Week" (DVD)
by Rodney Yee

"Sheng Zhen: Qigong of Unconditional Love, A Return To Oneness" (DVD)
by Master Li Jun Feng, (​

An ancient figurine of a human meditating


Vipassana Meditation (
     *I recommend a yearly 10-day course to everyone, as well as 1-hour morning and evening sittings if time allows.

Links to Various Oriental Medicine Magazines and Periodicals

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