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At your home or place of business. Perfect for a group of friends, bridal parties, or as a sponsored corporate health event.  $25 per person, cash only, minimum of three people. Great for stress relief!

Acupuncture parties allow all people access to quality healthcare whether they have insurance or not.


This model allows for more patients to be treated at the same time at an affordable rate.


First-time patients will fill out paperwork and then take a seat. If you print and fill out the paperwork from our website before coming in, your treatment can begin more quickly; otherwise allow 15-20 minutes to complete it.


An acupuncturist will review your chart when your turn comes and will ask you about any new developments since the last treatment. Then, very fine stainless steel needles will be inserted and left in for approximately 30-45 minutes while you relax in silence.


It is important to speak quietly in order to protect your own privacy and in consideration of other patients. All cell phones and pagers must be TURNED OFF before entering the treatment space.


Call us at 207.922.7699 to reserve your party, or you may email us from the Contact us page on our website. We look forward to treating you!


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